Litterbug is a concept above all else. A way to communicate with corporations about their environmental impact by way of litter, or public shaming, well mostly public shaming. 

The concept of the app is very simple:
          1. Take a picture of some litter through the app.
          2. (Theoretically) The app will use the Clarifai API to process the image to: 
                a. make sure it's appropriate
                b. recognize the brand
                c. work with twitter to assign the right twitter handle
          3. The user will be sent to a final screen where they can make sure the brand is correctly tagged
          4. Hit tweet.

The crowdsourced twitter account would theoretically 'bug' these companies into changing some of their impact at the source. Obviously the crime is with the litterer, but there is so much propaganda already condemning littering that we thought that maybe a different type of approach could yield change. Changes like biodegradable packaging, adopt-a-highway, or company wide neighborhood clean ups. All actions that can be taken at the corporate headquaters that will inform consumers of a response from the brand and help the environment.
While public shaming may not be the most graceful way to inspire change, it is a tried and true method for getting the big guys to notice the little guys.

Paper prototype with the original simple, minimalist concept.
You can walk through the Adobe XD wireframe preview here: (they're interactive!) 

You can also walk through and play with the interactive high fidelity mock-ups here:
As mentioned above, we used the in beta interaction design tool, Adobe Experience Design. It was a wonderful tool that allowed for solid design and interaction to take place in one medium instead of using two, which seems to be more common. 

As an end note, and to toot our own horns a bit as well, my group partner Maria and I ended up finishing 1st in our class competition of about 45 teams. 
Check out Maria's LinkedIn at
If you're bored and have somehow gotten this far on the project writeup then I suggest you watch the YouTube video we made to 'market' the app. 

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